TrailSurvior Ultra Kit

Stay Safe On The Trails

All-in-one Survival & First Aid Kit Made Specifically for Running

Small & Light Enough For Any Adventure

Designed for Runners by Runners. Weighing only 240 grams and measuring just 16cm x12cm it fits easily in your running vest, belt or pack.

Treat Common Trail Injuries & Snake Bites  

Designed to meet the Mandatory Gear Requirements for the most extreme Trail Races, this kit is packed with everything you need to treat common trail running injuries. Including a full Snake Bite Kit.

Survive Getting Lost or Stranded

More than just a first aid kit. This kit includes a compass, whistle and emergency blanket to help find your way back to safety, call for help, and keep your body temperature stable.

Quality You Can Depend On

Our kits are built to last using the highest quality materials. We test all of our products in the most extreme conditions to ensure they will perform when you need them most. We guarantee it.

Proudly Australian Since 2017

All of our kits are assembled and shipped from right here in Australia. Which means you can expect great service and fast delivery.

Mandatory Gear Compliant

This kit was designed based on the Mandatory Gear Requirements for the most extreme Ultra and Trail Races in the world. Save time and money with this all-in-one solution.

TrailSurvivor Ultra Kit

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All products purchased through TrailSurvivor are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you would like to return your purchase you have up to 30 days from the moment you receive the order to initiate the return process for a full refund, including the cost of shipping.

Detailed Kit Contents


  • Lightweight Water Resistant Pouch - Small enough to fit in your pocket or running belt.
  • Space Blanket - Emergency blanket to keep your warm and dry.
  • Mini Compass - For navigation and orientation.
  • Safety Whistle - To attract attention and get help.
  • 2 x AeroForm Snakebite Compression Bandages (10cm x 4.5m) - Premium Heavyweight Conforming Bandages to treat both sprains and snake bites. Bandages feature tension indicators to ensure correct pressure is applied over the entire limb, perfect for use with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique. Use one bandage or two continuously as required, for example an adult male leg.
  • Blister Pad - To cushion painful and frustrating blisters.
  • Latex gloves - To help prevent infections and contamination.
  • Waterproof Bag - For storing painkillers and emergency money.
  • Marker Pen - For marking bites or making notes.
  • Medical Tape - To hold a bandage or gauze in place.
  • Safety Pins - For repairing clothing, securing a sling and removing splinters.
  • Anti-septic Wipes - For cleaning skin and equipment.
  • Elastic Bandage - To apply localised pressure to sprains and hold gauze in place.
  • Sterile Pad & Gauze - To stop bleeding and protect a wound.
  • Adhesive Band-aids - To treat small cuts and grazes.
  • First Aid Guide - Covers the essentials of basic First Aid.

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