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The Most Comprehensive Trail Survival Kit

This Trail Survival kit is packed with everything you need to keep you safe and secure on your trail running adventures and meets the mandatory kit requirements of 99% of trail running events!

This first aid and survival kit for trail runners weighs just 210g and measures just 16cm x 12cm!

The kit contains:

  • Lightweight Pouch - Small enough to fit in your pocket or running belt.
  • Space Blanket - Emergency blanket to keep your warm and dry.
  • Compression Bandage - To treat sprains and snake bites.
  • Blister Pad - To treat cushion painful and frustrating blisters.
  • Latex gloves - To help prevent infections and contamination.
  • Waterproof Bag - For storing painkillers and emergency money.
  • Marker Pen - For marking bites or making notes.
  • Medical Tape - To hold a bandage or gauze in place.
  • Safety Pins - For repairing clothing, securing a sling and removing splinters.
  • Anti-septic Pads - For cleaning skin and equipment.
  • Elastic Bandage - To apply localised pressure to sprains and hold gauze in place.
  • Sterile Gauze - To stop bleeding and protect a wound.
  • Safety Whistle - To attract attention and get help.
  • Mini Compass - For navigation and orientation.
  • Signalling Mirror - To get the attention of others and seek rescue assistance.
  • Adhesive Band-aids - To treat small cuts and grazes.
  • First Aid Guide - Covers the essentials of basic First Aid.

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