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Experience the ultimate in on-the-go cooling with our powerful bladeless portable fan - a revolutionary way to beat the heat.

Clip it to your waist for all day comfort. Built for use outdoors and at work


Self Defence Alarm™

Ultra-loud, rechargeable personal alarm & emergency light to help protect women from attacks, assault, or rape.

If threatened activate the 130 decibel alarm to create a diversion and call for help.



Rechargeable Wide-Angle Headlamp for Hiking, Trail Running, Working, Camping, and Emergency use.

Unique 230° beam of light provides 350 Lumens and illuminates entire field of view.


HeadBeam Plus™

Australia's most popular Wide-Angle Head Torch just got a massive upgrade.

Now Featuring 450 Lumen 230° light beam with red light mode and 200 Lumen long distance spotlight.